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TeachersWebHost.com is the Perfect Companion to Google Classroom! (2017-10-22)

A growing number of apps allows you to integrate TeachersWebHost.com with Google Classroom! TeachersWebHost.com is an ideal companion to Google Classroom! Badges, discussion forums,... Read More

Badges Updates (2017-10-16)

Thanks to suggestions from subscribers, the following updates have been made to the digital badge management system.It's now possible to list who does not have a badge.Badge image size has been... Read More

NEW FEATURE: Accept Digital Signatures for Documents (2017-08-29)

TeachersWebHost.com now includes an app for accepting digital signatures. This was devised to meet the need of elementary and secondary teachers to get permission forms signed by parents throughout... Read More

NEW: Post Element in Google Classroom (2017-08-28)

 NEW FEATURE: You can connect your TeachersWebHost.com account to Google Classroom in a growing number of ways. Now you can push a link to your TeachersWebHost.com activity right into a Google... Read More

NEW: Import Class Rosters from Google Classroom (2017-08-23)

You can now import your class rosters from a Google Classroom. The new app is found under the "Students" tab. More interactive features with Google Classroom are in the works...

NEW: How to Reorder Running Records Charts (2017-08-08)

How to Edit the Order in Running Records Charts

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