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As more and more classrooms become equipped with Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices, it is becoming increasingly important to organize all of the different services and web sites students and teachers need in the course of their work. Teacher's Web Host is proposed as one such organizing solution. It can be the backbone of your teaching, presenting resources in an organized and flexible fashion. However, it is much more than just a link list!

The apps at Teacher's Web Host have been evolving for over a decade in real classroom use at JonesHistory.net, the classroom web site of developer and social studies teacher, David Jones. The apps evolved in response to real needs in the classroom from assessment to textbook inventories to collecting and grading papers online. Over the years, some of Mr. Jones' co-workers came to use the software, make suggestions, and give ideas for new apps. From this was born the vocabulary assessment and review tools, the statistical analysis tools, multiple-choice item analysis tools, progress monitoring charts, and running record charts.

  • Maintain your own front page in a virtual "room" with links to pages or news announcements
  • Embed Google calendars and forms
  • Multiple-choice, vocabulary and writing assessments
  • Post tasks and assignments and grade them online with attached rubrics
  • Progress monitoring tools such as charts, merged letterhead reports, running records
  • Data analysis tools such as correlation, z-score, item analyisis
  • Host moderated discussion forums
  • Post audio files and embed video clips
  • Organize awarded digital achievement badges
  • Maintain a textbook inventory
  • A quick app for students to sign in and out of the classroom
  • Maintain a portable multiple-choice question bank
  • Generate quick self-correcting Jeopardy-style game
  • Grade submitted written work online and attach grading rubric to it

TeachersWebHost.com is a learning management system for teachers and tutors, a service provided on a subscription basis by Adirondack Professional Tutoring.

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